ISOC Rural Development Special Interest Group


"Connecting Rural to Make a Connected World"

ISOC Rural Development SIG Mission


  • To Reach out to Individuals in rural areas that do not just comprise of farmers, artisans, youth, women and small-scale entrepreneurs in village clusters in a global level and many other undeveloped regions to empower them with the digital (upgrading) skills by the use of handheld devices.
  •  Connecting hospitals and schools in rural areas where there is limited or no broadband service available through commercial operators. 
  • Taking care of bringing up remote classes for rural students via webinars and also digital education system with lot of opportunities to learn new technologies. 
  • Gender equality is the key for real social empowerment in the rural area, our group will also work on it to increase the empowerment opportunity based on many available opportunities
  • Executing multiple activities to educate on the Internet governance and emerging technologies: Artificial intelligence, IoT and blockchain. Mainly group will work on entertainment areas to educate small children's. 
  • For rural development education team will concentrate on local languages in collaboration of local communities. Higher priority will be given for respective language support based on region 
  • Rural areas are mainly involved in agriculture/ irrigation, so group will take care of bringing new technologies and educating farmers with complete pros and cons in detail.

Working with weather forecasting and analysis team to understand and educate rural areas which will be very important as farming is the primary occupation depends on weather in rural areas.